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Historical Pulsejet Designs

Pulsejets had their Golden era during and right after World War II. German designers first built the V-1 buzz bomb as an inexpensive explosives delivery system. After the war the Americans used the German designs to build their own alternatives, in part as an alternative to variety of jet engine designs ranging from pulsejets, to turbojets, to ram jets. The problem with pulsejets is mostly consumption and high vibration and noise.

The following is an example of an American pulsejet designed in the late fifties for use at the tip of a helicopter rotor. pulse1957.gif
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The spring reed valve design is nearly identical to that used on the V-1 Buzzbomb.

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Same type of drawings for the Argus As104 reed assembly. 213-2.gif
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Argus body drawing. 213-2.jpg
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